Sarteano Day 7

Today started off dull and threatening but by the time I returned back with the morning bread it had already brightened up and so the pool beckoned. I left Kate and Caroline to it and joined them an hour later. We decided then to take a trip to Orvieto. This town is over the border in Umbria and hosts one of the oldest Cathedrals in Italy, Basilica Cattedrale Orvieto.The town itself is a mixture of old quiet streets and alleys along with it's many restaurants. One of the restaurants we choose, which was not in the main Square, turned out to be quite expensive for food that was ok but not great. We should have known better. They have some unusual shops and one of them was a wood carvers workshop, Michaelangelo, with the actual shop across the narrow street. This was very much a modern day Pinnichio.

Just as we decided to leave the rain started to come down really hard. We were lucky not to get soaked! As the weather has not been great today we decided to stay in and play cards. Memories of my childhood came flooding back. I went to be bed very happy.


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