Sarteano Day8

I got up early this morning to see lovely blue skies and decided to go for a drive and take some early morning photographs. I also had the intention of going to find a Lidl store I'd seen earlier in the week. This is because of Kate's appalling diet and her desperation for Apple Juice! This is not a very common juice in this part of Italy, bar the green pulp juice which does look like you are drinking a glass of snot! My good intentions however were all to no avail as I set off in the wrong direction! I found myself driving to Montepulciano when in fact I should have been heading to Chuisi. Never mind said I, 15k down the road, I'll turn back and go straight to Lidl. Not having my navigator (Caroline) I managed to take a wrong turning into the old village of Chianciano Terme where I found all the narrow streets and a one way system! I followed the narrow streets and Market, without hitting anything, and found myself out the other side not knowing where the hell I was. I just drove more in hope than in knowledge. One hour later I found a big junction I knew, next to the supermarket I normally use. This was not a time to be brave any longer, so I bought breakfast supplies, including Green Apple juice and headed for home. I arrived just in time to see Caroline and Kate getting out of bedding declaring they were starving and was there anything in for breakfast ?!
The rest of the day has been pretty lazy. We lay by the pool for most of the day before I made dinner. After dinner visited the town of Casciano dei Bagni. A lovely little village set high in the mountains and well known for it's old Roman Baths which have special water full of algae and stinking of sulphur! What ever turns you on! Still it was a lovely visit and a great way to round off a lovely day.


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