Sarteano Day 12

Today is hot! 32 degrees by 9.00am. We have decided to have a quiet morning by the pool where Kare can play with her new pals. Monica, Anna and Sarah are her main friends but they mix with other slightly older ones, especially in the pool.

This afternoon we have made another visit to Montipulciano. One because we love the town and two because Caroline wants to buy a beautiful leather hand bag for which the Italians are so famous. I have a look for one too but don't find anything to replace the one I bought last year in Pienza. Apart from this most important task the rest of the afternoon and early evening are spent in cafes and restaurants. A very easy way to while away a day! We leave Montipulciano just after sunset, which stunning.

Back at the site we go down to the bar where some holiday friends are having their last night. Kate has a great time with the children and we all talk till nearly midnight before we go our separate ways. Holiday friends you might never see again but they will always be part of your holiday memories.


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