Sarteano Day 14

Today was our most tiring, exciting and hottest day all in one. We took the train from Chiusi to Firenze. The journey out was quite uneventful and the train was thankfully air-conditioned. When we got to Firenze the heat was already searing and that was just before 11.00am! We made our way to the Duomo through the massive crowds but found it no problem. The crowd to go up to the top of the Duomo was huge so we decided to go up Campanile instead which is just as tall and gives a magnificent view over the City. After climbing approximately 500 steps we reached the top soaked in sweat! It was worth it but it was midday now and the temperature had soared to over 100 degrees!
When we got back down we drank water by the gallons and then on to visit; Uffizi,
Ponte Vecchio,The Statues in Piazza della Signoria,Ammannati's Neptune Fountain and Loggia della Signora.
We took the Roma train back as it was quicker but it has to said was filthy and very hot with no air-conditioning. We survived but were very hot and sweaty by the time we reached Chiusi at 5.00pm. It was a great day and well worth putting up with some dis- comfort to see such a magnificent City.
A special mention goes to my wonderful 7 year old daughter, Kate, who did not complain once in all the stifling heat. She is a wonderful little girl who appreciated what she saw today.


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