Sarteano Day 9

Started the day off with a walk up to the forest surrounding the campsite. It was another lovely morning and very warm so the walk was not too long.
After breakfast we decided to visit the town of Pienza. This is a lovely town that visited last year and where Caroline and I bought a lovely leather bag each. On the way there we also decided to visit Monticchiello which another town we visited last year. This is like a new town but is actually a completely renovated old town and it is really beautiful. It sits up high overlooking some typical landscapes such as the fields of Sunflowers.
After visiting both these towns we then went on to another place which really a hamlet but is a very important place historically. It's called Bagno Vignoni. It's a medieval spa town where the town square is a large Roman bath and where the waters still flow ( and smell!). You cannot bath in the town pool at the moment ( for some reason ) but at the bottom of one of the hill you can enjoy the waters which sit at a temperature of 46 degrees. Almost like having an open air bath!
It was a tiring day but worth it. We've had a quiet night and looking forward to another good day tomorrow.


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