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Sorry! I forgot all about you!

It's been just under 3 years since I wrote on my blog and that is ridiculous. I've got a lot to say but never seem to remember to put it down here. I do keep a diary but that is totally private and some of it would be totally inappropriate on here. In fact I would probably be sued, divorced and homeless if it was all out in the public domain!

The last time I wrote here was not long after my wife had been diagnosed with Cancer of the Uterus and just the difficulty of 2013. Things have moved on from that and Caroline is in disgustingly good health and enjoying life in the orchestra as well as the family. She was very fortunate to have had the early diagnosis and a very skilful surgeon who removed all traces of the horrible disease. The whole family will be forever grateful of the magnificent work they have and continue to do. I know man people say it but it's worth repeating: Thank God for the NHS!!

Over these last there years it has not all been plain-sailing. My Father die…

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