Yoker String Ensemble

Today has been a good news day! My string group has been given the go-ahead to start again and I can now get on with doing it!
I had notification of our financial award back at the beginning of September but as always it was not straightforward. There were problems with were the money should be downloaded to and how it should be spent. In my original bid I allocated a large proportion for transport. I then had a kind offer from Knightswood Sec school of use of their mini-bus which meant less money spent on transport and more on repairing and aquiring new instruments. Simple you would think but NO! As ever in this world now, everything has to be passed and passed again before a decision can be made. I have learned  though that if you by-pass the unnecessary and go right to the heart of the organisation you can get results. So it was. I have to thank the councillors of Glasgow's North-West Area committee for their common sense and trust. This has resulted in me being able to change the use of the award accordingly and start to get everything into place.
It has been preying on my mind for about a month now and the sense of relief at getting it sorted is huge. My thanks again the the wise and practical councillors! Not often you hear that being said!


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