Sarteano a year on

I'm sitting on the decking outside our mobile home in Sateano waiting to have breakfast. This time last year I was doing the same and this place is just as beautiful and peaceful as last year. In that, there has been no change. The weather has not been so kind so far and we have endured the most spectacular thunderstorm and temperatures that are not up to the usual blistering heat. Definitely a bit of change there! The biggest change however is in how I look at things. I am one year older and so is my young daughter. That is scary and brings home to me that I will not be able to keep up with her energy levels.

I'm only one year older, as is Kate, but while her energy grows as a 9 year old, mine seems to wain as a 57 year old! I watched her swim in the pool yesterday thinking; "this will at least tire her out" but NO!! Her energy increased by the hour whereas I just wanted to lie in the sun and read! A year ago I would be going to bed much later than her but now I find myself ready for bed by 11.00pm and Kate wanting to carry on and play yet another game of cards!

This all sounds like the "poor me's" but while I don't think I'm particularly old for my age, the natural turn of events is I will get older and slower whole Kate will continue to blossom into an energy filled young Lady. I intend to slow mine down as much as possible but sometimes you just want to give in and act your "real" age. I also gave to contend with all the anguishes that occur throughout the year (and THEY take their toll) whereas Kate continues on her merry journey through life, almost oblivious to what else is going on. That is and how it should be! Kate and many of her young friends, will have enough to deal with when they are older. My one bit of advise would be: try NOT to get pregnant at 46 and especially if you already have two growing teenagers (soon to be adults) creating havoc in your  notyourown life!


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