Not sure about this new blog format

Everything has change in blog world since the last time I was here. I am not really sure what I am doing and don't even know if this will save. Perhaps Google is just getting too clever or I am slowing down! Probably a combination of both! Still, I cannot see any obvious buttons to press even to save this entry. That in itself may not be a bad thing since I feel a ramble coming on and even I don't want to read that!
I will stop just now and find out how this saves before I carry on.

I've now discovered all the previous versions buttons! How I got here I have no idea but it looks more familiar. I will now try to go back on what I did.

Right I have re done my last steps and got back to where I last was. I must be doing something right but I still do not find this easy to navigate. Maybe somebody will read this and either agree or tell me how to make it easier. Even an insult of, "you must be thick", will do as long as you explain exactly what I can do to make this whole experience easier.


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