A case for my multiple Tuscany holidays

I've written quite a number of times about my holidays in Tuscany and how wonderful they are and if people read this then they may well think to themselves ; "not another holiday blog about Tuscany!" I make no apologies for it, sorry!

Tuscany and it's beautiful environs, people and general life-style have now become a huge part in my and my families life. I sometimes wonder, before going on holiday, if I will enjoy it as much as the previous year or if we will find something new to see or do. I now know that I don't have to look for something new but can enjoy what I already know and if something new comes my way then all the better . BUT it is not necessary. The point of holidaying in the same area is you get to know it better and can feel at home there.You know what to expect and can relax and really enjoy what has become familiar to you. The point of a holiday for me is to relax in surroundings I feel comfortable in and where I don't have to be seeking something new to see in order to justify being there. I know if I don't see something this year I will be back and see it the following year - if I want to!


Being based in Sareano is perfect. It's easy access to beautiful towns and real Tuscan life has been such a bonus for me and my family.We feel very much at home here and seeing the development of the little Hamlet of Castiglioncello del Trinoro
into a very upmarket holiday destination is wonderful. Here is what you can get! Montiverdi

After 2 weeks of holidaying in Sarteano we moved on to a new location. Celle dei Puccini in Northern Tuscany. My wife Caroline discovered this wonderful little hamlet and the accommodation. The hamlet was the home to the Puccini family whose best know son was the great Italian composer Giacomo Puccini. There is now a small museum to the great man in the house where the young Giacomo spent many summers with his Grandparents.

The accommodation Caroline found turned out to one of our greatest finds.
The property is run and owned by an English couple Gill and Ken. They had this ex nunnery renovated into 5 apartments that offer the luxuries of a 5 star hotel without all the pretense  that can often be associated with such places. Gill and Ken (who live in an apartment within the building) are the ultimate in good hosts. They are there if needed but never intrude on your privacy. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Everything about it is top class.

Also top-class were the restaurants and in particular

This restaurant is owned and run by a lady from Rutherglen in Glasgow! The owner, Daniela's story is wonderful and inspiring for what a young person can achieve. 

The food and hospitality here is wonderful and given that I have a daughter who is a very fussy eater, it is a testament to them that she ate everything and more!

One other night that must be mentioned is the "Pizza night". Organised by Ken and Gill for all the holidaymakers that want, this is an evening of eating pizza like you never tasted before and of good company and chat. It also included my daughter, Kate, making her own pizza in an authentic stone oven! Another first. A GREAT night!

 Our week there was fantastic and again we intend going back. Why? We are now familiar with the surroundings and everything that goes into make a great holiday.


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