Sarteano Day 13

The day started slowly again (I think we have slowed down with heat!) as Kate went off to Kids Club, I went to Supermarket and Caroline read her book outside the caravan. Today was very hot and 42 degrees was recorded by lunchtime. In that sort of heat you really can't do anything quickly and so it was 3.00pm by the time we left for another visit to Citta della Pieve, this time in the sunshine!
Citta della Pieve is interesting in so much as it is in Umbria and looks different from it's neighbouring Tuscan towns. The buildings are all brick as opposed to the Tuscan stone building. I think it gives the place a more austere look but nevertheless interesting. We did discover the narrowest street in Europe Vicolo Baciadonne. After we had seen what we wanted we went back to Sarteano via Lidl! Kate has been having withdrawal symptoms from her apple juice and the only place that sells it is Lidl.
In the evening after dinner we went down to dancing were Kate jogged away for 45 mins! Such energy! Early night as tomorrow we are taking an early train to Firenze. Excited!!


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