Sarteano Day 3

At this present time 4.00pm there is a huge thunderstorm! These storms don't usually last long but this one has been going for a couple of hours and it is loud and heavy with rain.
This morning it was very hot and clear blue skies so we didn't expect quite a downpour. We visited the local Market in Sarteano which occurs every Friday. It was very busy and we were able to buy very fresh food for tonight's dinner. I bet they're glad they were only there in the morning. The good thing about storms like this is it lets you just sit around reading and relaxing. Even Kate is happy dossing about naked in the caravan! Relaxing is what a holiday is all about and that's what we are being forced to do, whether we want to or not. I'm sure by this evening it will be back to a warm and sunny place and we'll be ready to get out and about tomorrow in the hot sunshine!


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