Sarteano Day 6

The day has started beautifully with hot sunshine and having breakfast on our decking. Caroline and Kate are off to the pool afterwards to meet up with some new friends that Kate has made. One of the really good things about these camps is the number of children who holiday in them and so the children learn to make friends very quickly. I'm off to the supermarket! Unfortunately we have to and barring eating restaurants all the time we have to keep supplies up, MY job!
This afternoon it has clouded over a good bit and so we are off to Montepulciano. This is one of my favourite towns with stunning architecture, good cafes and lovely shops.
San Bagio is it's most celebrated church and is stunning in it situation and architecture. We then visit our favourite cafe in the main square. Also in the main square is Cattedrale Santa Maria Assente. This is a very unusual looking Cathedral on the outside where the facade looks like it needs finished!
Another interesting fact about Montepulcaino is the fact it is the birthplace of Roberto Bellarmino. This in fact was the name of the Secondary school I went to in deepest Pollock, Glasgow! He in fact had been a Jesuit priest who had come to Scotland to help convert the heathen Scots! Amazing really.

The day has finished with us down at the camp bar where some of the other Scots families have gathered with their children. Chat is the order of the day/night and mutual friends are discovered. A perfect end to another lovely day.


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