Mr P


At the end of January 2011, Scotstoun Primary School's Janitor Mr Parker retired. People might think "well big deal!". Indeed it was a big deal. Mr Parker or Mr P as he was known was a quite extraordinary Janitor and man. Much was written in the papers of hi exploits in the Vietnam war and his obvious bravery in winning the Purple Heart. In the time I have known him he never mentioned it to me and it only came out after much delving by the press. I'm sure he is proud of it but it was not his overiding conversation story. Much more interesting for him, from what I could gather, were the children in his care everyday of his 16 years at Scotstoun. His dedication to the school. Children and wider community of Scotstoun has been immense. This has all been rightly mentioned in dispatches but one thing has upset me and stuck in my gullet which has not really been made public.

As a janitor with Glasgow City Council and at Scotstoun Primary he has lived in a tied house that goes with job at Scotstoun. He has now had to vacate that house and basically find somewhere else for himself and family to live! Why? To be fair to the City Council they have stopped the tied house policy for new employees so it should not happen again. What will happen to Mr P's ex house? It will probably be sold off and the money go into the general coffers. What price loyalty and devotion to your job? I for one would have been more than happy to have seen Mr P enjoy his well-earned retirement in the comfort of his house in Scotstoun and forego the extra coffers. That for me, unlike city bankers, would have been a well deserved bonus.


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