Friend in need

I'm sitting waiting for my daughter while she is in her Ballet class. This is usually a time of peace and quiet where I can gather thoughts and listen to favourite music. Today however, I am on edge.

My thoughts are very much focused on an old friend who has finally come round to the idea that he may have a problem with alcohol. I have told him this quite a number of times and pleaded with him to seek help. Like most people with this terrible illness he is in denial and cannot bring himself yet to admit to it. He has denied that anybody else believes the same as myself and that is enough for the drinking to continue. The truth is most people believe what I do but are too embarrassed to bring it up in conversation. The last person to admit a problem like this is the sufferer themselves. It is very hard to admit, what many people still believe is a weakness, that a problem exists. Going to the Doctor is at least saying that there may be a problem and start on a road to recovery.

On my return home I had a phone call from my friend. He has been to the doctor and has asked for help that surely is the First Step. He is still a friend and as such I hope I can help as well


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