Ode to a broken cello

This is exactly what you don't want when you return to school. The cello has been dropped and the neck completely sheared off! When asked how it happened the stock answer came out, "I don't know!" It's as if the cello Has deliberately committed suicide rather than be abused by it's owner! I don't know if I can blame it. These instruments do take a fair amount of abuse and if it was human it may well have retaliated in some violent way! Maybe this was this particular cello's only hope of escape! I do feel responsible for giving to an owner who obviously didn't care what happened to it. It probably lay in a corner for months with only an occasional outing to pawed at by grubby hands with sticky fingers and worse. How could I let that happen? I should have known. Maybe we will all learn by this untimely incident. Maybe I should start a home for suffering cellos. I don't know but I do know that this particular owner will not be given another chance to claim another victim. He will be sent back to endure his Maths and English classes! Never to darken my door again!


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