Another year.


Just looking at the photo from last Christmas I thought it unusual that there had been so much snow last year. Little did I know that this year would be twice as White, cold and beautiful.

It's been a mixed year with lots of visits to hospital with Mother-in-law. That has been the hardest part of the year, especially for Caroline, but still she goes on and refuses to give up! Stubborn or fortunate?

Highlights of the year have been our holidays in Portugal (Easter) and Tuscany in the summer. I don't think we would have finished the year as strongly if we hadn't managed to get away.

Another highlight for myself was 9 days in Bremen, Germany, with the International Youth Symphony Orchestra (IYSO). It was a great course with an orchestra of 170 young people the sound was immense! Hopefully I'll get back next year for another exciting episode!

Both the boys are at Uni now, with Adam at Glasgow and Fraser at Sheffield. They seem to be getting on well but time will tell if they stick at it!

Kate is now in P3, which is hard to believe, and is just a joy. A time consuming joy but nevertheless a joy.

This year, 2011, will see Caroline and my 25th wedding anniversary! We have not planned anything yet but I've no doubt we will celebrate in our own inimitable fashion, whatever that is!

I'm going to try and keep this blog more updated but no promises to myself. Happy 2011!


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