Old Friends

Last night I sat to dinner with the family and not unusually I had to tell Kate to stop playing a game on my iPhone. As reluctantly complied she pressed a button in haste and next minute she was talking to somebody on the other end of the phone. "do you want to speak to my Dad?" was the question in her soft English accent. I asked her to pass it me as I was getting annoyed by point. On the top of the phone I notice the name: Arthur Gwynn Morgan Davies. What the f... I exclaimed! Arthur? I haven't spoken to Arthur in about 10 years! Arthur have you just phones me?" No!" Came the answer in a state of bemusement, " you have just phoned me! ". " how did that happen Kate?" you've broken my phone, it will not disconnect! After a minute I managed to take stock of the situation and have quick word with Arthur at which he said he would phone back in an hour. Kate then piped up, "you've been meaning to phone guy for ages!"
Indeed an hour later Arthur phone and we spoke for over an hour. It was great to catch up with somebody who, when in Glasgow, was my best friend and colleague. He has not changed a bit and despite all the time we have not seen or spoken to one another we can still call each other good friends.


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