Well, apparently the news about the maths exam was just a load of bollocks!. Only 3 got a 1,1 the majority got 1,2. Why were we given the wrong information? Adam's maths teacher should not have given out wrong info before all the results were out. What a plonker. I just hope Adam does better in the real exam.
Adam is still not well and with swollen glands the spectre of glandular fever raises its ugly head. There is already on of his friends who has it. We'll just have to hope it's not serious.
Teaching was a little slow today with a curious atmosphere in the department. Don't know what is going on but it didn't feel comfortable today.
I had a good meeting tonight but was very surprised to see Ian, considering it's only three days since his wife's death. I hope he keeps close to his doctor and takes plenty of advice.
Kate has now got her bandage off her arm and the wound looks amazingly healthy. God, babies heal quickly.
Tomorrow is another day and I hope that Julia doesn't try and make any snide comments about my timetable being light. I don't need it and I certainly don't deserve it. People should learn to keep to their own jobs and leave others to get on with theirs, then we'll all be happy.


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