I'm starting this quite late so I musn't be long. I've had a good day today. It's been busy but with enjoyable things. Kate was a star in the park today. I don't know where she gets her personality from but it really is BIG!! She will talk to anyone and is totally fearless. Fraser had another trip to Edinburgh with Archie, Sam and Ewan. A good time was had by all. Adam seems to have had a good day as well, but where does he get the money to lunch in Pizza Hut? Never mind he enjoyed it.
Caroline is the only one who has had a shitty day. Sunday rehearsals and concerts are really not good news especially as there is no more money for it. She has had a typical Trades House concert. All the big wigs in their DJ's and chains. Sounds quite kinky really!! It does fuck up a family Sunday, which is a pity.
I made a desicion about buying new cellos/fiddles. I'm going to ask for more. It will cost an extra couple of grand but it's not their money so who cares! I've costed it and will put it to them tomorrow, so here's hoping. Must stop now and get to bed. Monday tomorrow AGHhhhhhhhh!!!!!


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