It has been a strange day. I haven't done that much but feel that I haven't stopped! Maybe I need to organise a bit better. Always going off on detours from what I am supposed to be doing so not quite acheiving the goal.
I'm thinking I should have asked for more money with regards to buying the new instruments but can I justify it? I believe I could and it would stop them buying so many of those bloody awful keyboards. I'll give it a bit more thought and decide on Monday. Procrastination should be my middle name!
Poor Ian's wife, Bunty, died today. Sad but a relief it was over as quickly as it was. That's been about 2 months since she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Better that she died peacefully instead of dreadful pain. I must send a card.
Caroline is meeting Robert's new girlfriend tonight after the concert. No doubt I'll hear all about it later on. I'm going to have an early night, PROMISE!!


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