Nearly two weeks

I can't believe nearly two weeks have passed since I last posted. Time just seems to pass by so quickly. Where can I start. Life is busy with the boys and their various activities. Caroline was off work for a week because of the bad colds that are going about but she didn't get much rest really. kate has become a little mummy's girl and insists she does everything with her. I don't mind but I can see Caroline gets tired by her. She is still the most wonderful baby ever and this strong personality is developing all the time.

Work has been pretty busy despite the Half-term break. We had an interesting in-service with Kodaly specialists which was really informative and fun. Unfortuneately there are some very narrow minded instructors who can't nor ever will see the benefits of Kodaly in developing not only musical skills but also the child as a whole. They are dinosaurs who won't be got rid of until they become extinct. I wish it was soon!! Next week I'll start to collect the instruments I bought. Bob received them today and so this whole thing has happened in about three weeks, which is amazing. Things can be done when people are willing and there are not too many cheifs to put their oar in. I looking forward to getting theses instruments out ot some new children. I hope also that we can fix up a violin teacher soon. I'd love it to be Christine but she will cost money and the Secondary don't seem willing to part with any despite SIPS investing £25,000 in this project. I don't want one ofthe blinkered dinosaurs coming in and putting children off. I'd rather struggle on myself . We'll just have to wait and see. Saturday tommorrow!! Yeah!!


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