Wednesday already

The week is flying past and still a lot to do this week. I've put in the estimate for the new cellos and fiddles and hopefully that will be passed quite quickly. I do fully intend to start my own Primary schools string orchestra, then I'll know what is going on.
When told today that I should do some supervised practise with the pupils, I laughed. Why should I spoon-feed these children when they will do nothing for themselves. Also being told my timetable is light made me think quality rather than quantity. Getting some more cellos to teach with might be a starting point but that is too much for some people to comprehend.
Anyway Kate had a good day with my parents, especially my dad in spite of the fact he didn't feed her, and the boys endured school. Caroline's mum is feeling a little better so hopefully things will settle down and Caroline can rest a bit.
I'm getting frustrated with the boys and their lack of communication, especially when it comes to computers. They want the computers as long as they don't need to do anything to help fix them when needed. I mustn't let it get me down and take it out on Caroline which I am capable of doing despite my good intentions. I have to work harder on my state of mind. The little things are often the one's that set me off. How childish is that? Right off to apologise for being a pain!


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