Knackering day today. I have run around like the proverbial! First of all teaching till eleven then up to hand in the final quote for the instruments being bought. Next it was up to the Diabetic Clinic to get checked out. Blood sugar was not great but cholestoral was good as was weight and blood pressure. Then off to collect Kate to take to my Mums before going back to teach for a couple of hours. Finished that then off to shops for food, up to my Mum's to collect Kate, who had fallen asleep, back home and the made dinner(phew). One hour later I took Fraser to his orchestra, back home to tidy up before my mum arrived to let me go to the 2nd year parent;s night. Finished at 9.30, got home at 9.45 to take my mum back home. Finally sat down at 11.00 to write this!!!
Fraser got a really good report and I'm very proud of him! Good Night!!


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