It's been a good day for work today. Just been given a few more thousand to spend on new cellos and fiddles along with accessories. I'll be the talk of the steamie!! I hope Bob can deliver on the instruments. I enjoy my Friday schools and its good to see them continuing to keep faith with me. I must be doing something right.
Adam's math's are bothering me and I don't want to jump in with both feet and accuse the teacher of being lazy, but, it's Adams future we are talking about and so maybe feelings don't come into it. I'll think on it over the weekend.
Adam also informed tonight that he will be staying out at Natasha's(?)house and won't make his piano lesson tomorrow! Haven't told Caroline yet and I don't think she will be pleased when I do. Am I too soft or am I just scared to rock the boat when it comes to falling out with Adam. I don't know but I think he plays on my vulnerability. Anyway, the main thing is I hope he's safe and he doesn't spring these decisions on us so late. Kate has been an angel again to day, where did she come from? Coffee calls now and must say hello to C.


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