Another long day! The biggest story of today for me has been this mis-guided believe that some people can lead a normal life while using heroin. What a dangerous message to send to people. I've seen too many people suffer from this terrible drug and the turmoil it causes in their lives and their families. If there are people leading "normal lives while using it must be a case of the "yets".
Adam got a letter from the English department at school, praising his writing and calling him the new Shakespeare for the script of his play. That's both Adam any Fraser being lauded by the English Department. As for Fraser's report, well, you can't get much better than excellent for everything!! Well done him.
Caroline is confused over what will happen with Adam in 5th year. I don't worry enough maybe but would it do any good if I did? Adam is a very clever boy who needs to work harder and he will sail through SG's and Highers.
Kate has a few years to go yet and we will probably have Zimmer frames by then!! Probably it will all be virtual exams by then with classes held like video conferencing. Just you wait!!


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