St Pat's Day

Well March 17th,St. Pat's day. My mother will be dancing in the streets singing Danny Boy, not bad for an 80 year old! Also the day of the latest budget from New Labour and Gordon Brown.
It hasn't made me rich overnight so it can't be any good!. Seriously tho', people will comlain no matter how good the budget has been. Not enough....too much..... too middle of the road. I just accept now that there will never be a really radical budget or government in my lifetime. America has too much power over peoples lives for it to let others interfere. It rules the roost just now and everyone is playing second fiddle.
Stamp duty has gone up to £120,000 and inheritance tax threshold has been risen to £300,000 which might just get us out of the threshold for Joy's house. Some people can be really ignorant down south as was demonstrated by the moron complaining that London house prices were far more expensive than anywhere else. The new Stamp duty threshold will only be effective outside London were in places such as Glasgow the house prices are much cheaper! Cheaper? I don't know where you would get decent property for less than £120,000 here in Glasgow but obviously he can't see beyond the green end of his nose!
This has been a busy week, with Caroline being in Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow I have hardly seen her. It's straight home from school and straight into looking after Kate and cooking for the boys. I'll be glad when this week is over and Caroline goes on holiday as from next week.

I must get to my bed now as I feel gibberish coming out from my fingers. I want to sleep!!!!!


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