Easter weekend

What a good weekend it's been. From a social pariaha to a social animal. David and Susan came round last night for a meal as Adam and their son Euan tempted fate with a birthday party in their house. Thankfully fate looked on them kindly and no damage was done. Quite exceptional for a house full of excited 16year olds! Anyway we had a lovely meal and the best piece of roast beef I have ever tasted. Both David and Susan were in good form and it was great to see them after such a long time.

Today Liz and Harold came round with their girls and we spent a good couple of hours catching up. There is still a chance we may go on holiday with them again this summer. Hopefully to Italy. They are such an easy couple to speak to and the kids all get on.

The only work I have had to do was to set up Caroline's mum's computer. It has been in storage for nearly 2 years and so it took quite some time to get it working but I got there in the end. She still doesn't have an internet connection but I'll go over tomorrow and set that up.

It's Adam's birthday tomorrow so I hope we can have a good day. I also hope he likes the Chick Corea CD I bought him. I think he will.

It does feel strange with the clocks changing forward an hour. I still, even after all these years, take about a week to adjust. An early night may help


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