Long mixed day

This morning seemed quite normal with Caroline taking Adam and Fraser for their piano lessons. taking Kate with her too meant I had a couple of hours to spend on my own. Usually I can get somthings done like cello practise and making some bread or cakes. This morning I couldn't do any of these things due to pure tiredness. I messed around on the computer and started a new cello quartet arrangement but found my concentration waning very quickly.

Before I knew it Caroline was home and my morning had disappeared. Shame really but that's life in Scotstoun today. Feeling sorry for myself, I thought what can I do this afternoon. So Safeway beckoned! Oh joy! I hate it now it's Morrisons because the quality is crap. Anyway I finished a huge shop, made my way to the checkout and proceede to load my shopping into the trolley. Just behind arrived a big family of two adults and 5 kids all between the ages of about 1 and 8. They were obviously foreign and probably asylum seekers. This was not a problem for me but obviously the woman at the checkout didn't feel the same. Her attitude after serving me suddenly changed and she was overtly rude and unhelpful to them, treating them like second, no, third class citizens. Why? Was she a racist? Would she have had the same attitude to a Scottish family at a busy checkout? No way because she would have been pulled up for it. Why do ordinary people who don't seem to have much themselves react with such disdain to someone she probably had more in common with than she would have with the likes of myself? Newspapers and television have a lot to answer for. It certainly left a really bad taste in my mouth.

When I got home poor Kate had just thrown up her lunch and so it was to continue through the rest of the day. 5 times she's thrown up today and mostly tonight round dinner time and bedtime when of course Caroline had shot the 'craw to go to work. More self pity ensued! What a self-centered bastard I can be!

In between all this I took Fraser to his youth theatre group and saw his premiere piece of public acting. I was most impressed! I would be I'm his dad. He has really enjoyed it this year and I think it's done him a lot of good. It's something he doesn't have to live in Adam's shadow with.
Speaking of Adam, when we got home he had bought a new computer on E-Buyer for £106!!
It has been posted with the wrong price but none the less he will get it for that price. It's £2000 of equipment! I won't believe it until it arrives at the house and is set up and working.
How can so many different things happen in one day! "24hrs.!! What will happen tomorrow?? Mmm


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