Busy weekend

It's been hectic this weekend! Caroline has been working all weekend, leaving me to look after the fort and fit in some teaching. Saturday was the piano lesson run which I enjoyed as it gives me time to talk to Adam and Fraser and find out some of what is really going on. Thankfully Kate went to my mum's so going to Beanscene was not a major trauma. Talking to Adam over a coffee is really quiter revealing. I forget how grown up he is now and just how clever and sophisticated he can be. His views on politics are much more detailed than I realised but the really encouraging thing is just how confident he is in his own skin, with no pretences and affected angst. Fraser is also a confident boy who is so much more grown up than I give him credit for. Also, his humour is really dry and quick. I don't know if they are embaressed to be with their father and if it's more so than other teenagers. I hope not but would I have gone to a coffee shop with my father at that age ? I think not! I must be doing something right.
I also managed to swap the computers round which took me longer than I thought. Why is that? Why do i never learn these things. Well, at least they are both working so I can congratulate myself.
Mother's day today and thankfully my mum loved the card I made her. The photo of herself with me and my two brothers nearly brought a tear to her eye.
Taught Nina this afternoon whichI enjoyed. She is very quick but also musicalso she is easy to teach. Caroline's mum went off to Malta today as well. I hope she takes care.
Finally got some time to myself to do this so I'm a happy bunny!


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