On flight

Flights are a strange form of travel and one that I don't particularly like. We have this idea that we just turn up at the airport, drop off a bag and get on the plane and off! The reality is much different and especially if you travelling in a group that includes a 7 yr old, an 81 and an 86! The frustrations and timings of getting through are much different. Do you wait to the end to let the elderly on last ( which annoys the 7 yr old!) or do you fight through the crowds and rush to the front which will inevitably leave the elderly either knocked of their feet or crushes to death in the mad scramble for a seat! I think the former is the lesser of the two evils. After all there will always be a seat for everybody with a ticket and while you might not all end up in the same row that can sometimes be an advantage!!

Taking the car or motorhome is a better option for me but given that none of my family would like it I guess I'm stuck with what I've got........ Or maybe there is another way?? Mmmmm!


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