Musings over a supposed easy week

It's been a week since I last posted and I thought would be in for a relatively easy week. In actual fact It's been a long week. I have felt tired and my diabetes control has not been great. I still don't understand my diabetes sometimes. I can eat almost the same thing two days running but have totally different blood sugar levels. I know it can depend on the amount of exercise I do and I know that if I am looking after Kate at night my blood sugar drops quite dramatically. Just when I think I have that sussed it does something different and the levels can be too high or too low. It was 1.9 last night, after putting Kate to bed and really should have been blacking out! It's a strange condition.

This supposed easy week had me running Fraser and Adam all over the place. Fraser had a string concert in the Tramway on Thursday which we managed to get to unlike Tuesday's rehearsal were we had to turn back because of traffic. The concert itself was long with some interesting parts to it. I thought the Bach double was well played by the soloists, especially the viola, but the cello section was too big for them, thus upsetting the balance. The intermediate strings were good and I thought their choices of music was excellent, especially the Sibelius Tone Poem. Other parts were not so good and I don't think the senior strings are ready yet to launch into the big musical arrangements. This really requires a lot of sound and fine playing. That is something that is especially lacking in the violins. Maybe one day!

Adam had to be taken to the orthodontist to have the second part of his brace put in. OUCH! Painful! The top one was also tightened. I hope all this is worth it in the end. I have my doubts. Bloody cynic!

This is a week I'm glad is over not least because it has reminded me that I will not have anything like an easy week for a good number of years and that life is relentless. Having said that I could be a sad middle aged git sitting in front of a TV screen shouting at it. Or down the pub, solving the world's problems over a large number of pints, getting myself worked up over the stupidest of little things and feeling ill to boot.

Nah. Life is relentless but there is a quality as well. That is something I wouldn't change for anything


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