Another week passes!

It's a full week since I last wrote anything here and I can't decide what, if anything, I should write. Has a lot happened or has the week been slightly different that I can't remember it all?

Well, I've had my 49th birthday, Celtic are in the Scottish cup final and Caroline and I have managed some time together. That is definitely different! My birhtday was OK although neither Caroline or the boys even got me card! Now if I was a sensitive soul I might have taken real umbridge at that. As it is it really doesn't matter as long as they get me two cards for the big one next year! Caroline did take me out for lunch when we visited the Oran Mor to see the lunch-time play, The Prisoner. We both enjoyed it even though the writing is a little pretentious for my liking. It was not like a play but more like a William McIllveaney novel being read out. It really was just nice to able to talk without the interruptions of the children,big and small.

The main debate of the week and the thing that is giving me the biggest headache is whether we are going on holiday this summer. We had such a brilliant one last year in Portugal that I feel we must . However I don't really want to go back to Portugal but would prefer to keep that memory of the country in tact. Cowardice maybe but experienced, definitely.

I want to go to Italy and Tuscany holds many happy memories for me but that was nearly 25 years ago! Round Florence looks and sounds wonderful. It's not cheap but I think we need a holiday in somewhere hot and sunny topped up with a bit of culture. Italy's the place. My plans have started and I might just present it as a fait a complit or whatever that is in Italian. I shall go to bed now and dream of those beautiful rolling hills, the pasta and the coffee! I'm almost there!

A very late Addendum! After writing the above I sat down and was having a quick word with Caroline. Quick because she was watching the last part of a series (period drama). Anyway the doorbell rang and I thought "who's that at this time?" I got up and answered it to find my Mother-in-law on the doorstep. She had left about an hour earlier! "What's wrong?" I asked." I've bumped the car! It's not bad, just a flat tyre." Well it was a flat and a buckled wheel caused by "hitting one of those sticky-out pavement things". One hour later the RAC arrive, change the wheel and she is off again. Why is she allowed to drive? She is a liability! A fucking loose cannon and someone will get hurt one day. While the wheel was fixed there was nobody to fix Caroline's bad mood. I tried, but when it comes to her mother, it's a waste of time. Tommorrows another day !


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