Sardinia 2007 Vignola di Mare

Summer Holiday Sardinia 2007

I have just returned from a holiday in Sardinia. What a marvellous holiday and what a beautiful island. This is the first time Caroline or myself had been to Sardinia but because it is part of Italy we knew it would be good. It was even better. We had experienced mainland Italy, especially Tuscany, but this was really special. It was the first time we had gone on holiday without the boys but of course we had Kate to accompany us. That was more than enough!

The island was a bit of a paradox as far as wealth was concerned. It ranged from the ridiculously rich (Costa Smerelda) to pretty poor (Sassari). I know we only experienced the North of the island but even in that small area you can get a good taste of what it is like. The people are fantastic. They are as friendly as they come and their laid back style of life suited us to a tee. You would have to be pretty laid back to be able to cope with the heat.It does get ferociously hot but luckily we were by the sea in Vignola-Mare and Santa Teresa and with the famous Sardinian wind we managed to cope.

We stayed in a Keycamp, which was another first, and one that had always gone against the grain, but it was very peaceful in location and facilities were excellent. Again the people on the camp were all very helpful and caring. Kate was certainly welcome and loved their playground and dancing classes at night.

Other bonuses were the numerous accessible beaches and the beautiful sunsets that appeared every night. This combined with the lovely food in a relaxed atmosphere all went to make this a memorable holiday.

One last added bonus is we returned to our house in Glasgow, where the two teenage boys stayed, to find it all in one piece! And not one complaint from the neighbours.


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