Exam results

Well Adam has done well but is it good enough, I don't know. 4 A's and a B in English is not quite what he envisaged for himself. English has been his strongest subject since he started school and he even got the English prize at school this year. I just hope he accepts the result and makes up hs mind to do something he will like.

The whole thing is so stressful but should it be or even more why is it? Theses exams are put to them like a last chance saloon. "If you don't get this then you will not be able to do that". If we all took that attitude in life then it would grind to a halt. many people who failed at school have gone on to be very successful entrepenuers, engineers, doctors, you name they have done it. So the question is do we really need exams at all?

We probably do but only as a way of gathering all the information we have collected throughout the year; a sort of annual tidying up. We could then see who keeps the cleanest house and who is able to retain the information they are given in any given year. It doesn't have to be a do or die.

Medicine (Adam's preference, career wise) seems to make it very difficult to get into. We have a shortage of doctors yet it is made so difficult to get into that people nowadays are put off before they even start. I, as a musician, understand the word vocation but does it have to be that way as a doctor. Do you have to have the calling? I don't think so. You certainly need to be clever bot you also need to be practical, imaginative and have people skills that are second to none. I don't see that in every doctor and I do see it in other people who have either been scared off medicine or who have been told, because of exam results, that they will never make good doctors. Why?

I believe that a lot of doctors and other professions miss out on ideal candidates because they write them off at too early an age. It's a case of an individual trying to fit the system rather than the system fitting the individual. It's a bit like the medication we all take. Because it works for one person then it must work for everybody else. IT DOES NOT!!

Whether it will ever change I don't know but for just now Adam will have to do something and if it's not medicine then it will be their loss


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