Looking for a Care Home

Which is it? A Care Home or a Nursing Home? That is the question that nobody, bar myself and Caroline, can agree on. The consultant says a Care Home, the Sister says Nursing, the Administrator says " I don't know, it's all to do with funding but but maybe ERC (Enhanced Residential Care)". How are you suppose to know or choose!?
Filling in the financial forms alone are a nightmare. When it asks what your Mother-in-Laws income is a week where are you supposed to start? Who works their income out per week anymore?

We are now in the position of being bolshie! I, for people who know me, do not like that attitude but when you get mis-information at every turn you have take hold of the situation rather than let it drift totally out of control. I told the social worker we were not filling out the 15 page financial form as Joy will be self-funding they don't need to know. "That's fine" was the answer! We've now chosen a home and have told the hospital, the Social worker and the Care Home we want Nursing Care and to put the free personal and nursing care allowance in place. Great! No problem. We can move Joy next Tuesday and if funding's not in place by then it can be back dated.
That elation lasted for 2 hours until the Social Worker phoned back to say, "the funding needs to be in place before she can be moved and you will have to wait until we can get a discharge date from the Hospital". When?! "IDon't know, could take about 2 weeks." Why was I told different?" I hadn't checked with my "supervisor" and so they have overruled everything I said earlier!" WTF! Why such bureaucracy? This a woman willing to pay £700 a week from her own savings to move into a care home while she languishes in a grotty hospital. There is a room available and the home are willing and want her to move BUT NO! We have to wait for it to be debated by a bunch of faceless people in order for a stamp to be put in place to say OK!
It typifies Society today where workers are not allowed to make decisions for fear of either a mistake or the fact that "supervisors" might not be able to justify their position.
My plea is: please let people on the ground make decisions and if there is a mistake then it can be corrected. If there is not then everybody is a winner and a whole load of people can get on with their lives!


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