Christmas 2009

It's Christmas Eve night with about 1 and a half hours till Christmas Day and I am now very tired. It has been a long day getting everything ready for tomorrow. Thankfully everything seems under control and Kate has now gone to bed to hopefully waken up not too early tomorrow!

We are having a white Christmas this year and the temperature is about minus 9 or 10 degrees and that is the coldest Christmas I can remember for about 20 years. I have to say I love this weather and it brings back memories of Christmas when I was a child. Kate is certainly enjoying it as well.

Everybody is at home and I have a good feeling for tomorrow. My Mum and Dad plus Caroline's Mum; Caroline,Adam, Fraser, Kate and myself for dinner tomorrow and despite the fact that the volume level will rise considerably we should have good day.

I hope anybody reading this has, or has had an equally good Christmas. If not then I am sorry. Maybe you can try things differently next year. So,


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