Don't always believe what you are told!

Fraser has been off in Dublin these last two days and if we had listened to what the matriculation secretary had told us he would never have crossed the North Sea and gone to the open day at Trinity College Dublin.

Having looked at the website to see what qualifications were needed to take a degree in English and Music we were pretty lost and then disappointed to read that a base requirement for entry to any course was a second language. Fraser was very dispondent and could not understand why this requirement was so necessary. It turns out after being at the open day that his Standard Grade French will suffice and in actual fact he nearly has enough points to apply already.

If only it was that simple! Since he wants to take a double honours degree in both English and Music and there are not many Universities that offer it, the competion for place is extremely high. Trinity in fact offer only 10 places. The first hurdle is a music exam in Aural, Harmony and General music knowledge/rudiments. If that goes well you are then offered an interview. If the interview is successful you are then offered a place. Phew!!! These are a lot of hurdles to jump before you can get started. I suppose the good thing is that if you do get in you will have to be very good and will have deserved it. I am hopeful for Fraser because he is a good musician but the waiting and suspense might be just to much to handle.

Maybe life would be a lot easier if we had listened to what we were told!


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