Instrumental Teaching continued.......

Following on from my rant yesterday I found this article in the
The Daily Telegraph
today. It goes on to give me the impression of what a mad and dangerous world we live in today.

Why have we come to this? Is it over protective Parents or too many people wanting to be Social Workers. It may well be both of these but the combination of both of them and the media, lead society today to have a total lack of trust in one another. I will continue to teach in the way I teach and this latest episode may well blow over as a similiar on did about 10 years ago. The Instrumental Teachers were told to teach at least two children at a time and with the door open!! It is amazing how a bit of beginner violin or oboe wafting down the corridors can encourage others to overlook these little directives!

Unlike yesterday I enjoyed teaching today. The children were lovely and hard-working. It also makes a difference when you have various standards to deal with and the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference in that one lesson.


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