Cello Day

Glasgow Education Department had it's first Cello Day for pupils in Glasgow Schools who play cello. It took place in the new City Halls and consisted of 60 cello players from all over the city and ages ranged from 9yrs to 17yrs.

It was very encouraging to see and hear so many young cellists. It was also good to see the majority of them were learning within the school system. We played two arrangements of mine; Libera Me and The Neapolitan Song. We also had 10 solo performers playing repertoire from Bach Minuets to the Gigue from the 2nd Bach Solo Suite.

I think Glasgow is in a pretty healthy state as far as cello playing goes. Not everybody there on Thursday will pursue a career in Music or become a cellist. In fact only a handful will even consider it but they all had a similar experience on Thursday. Music is for everybody and everybody can have that positive experience when they indulge in great music-making.


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