Bloody hell the family is growing up!

It's been a while since I posted here and I was wondering why?
It really is a matter of time or lack of it. I can't believe the family is moving on so quickly. Adam is now in 6th year and will leave school next June to begin a gap year (God knows where!) before hopefully going on to study medicine at Edinburgh University. That will be the first out of the house. Will I be sorry to see him go? Yes, in one way, it means I am getting older! No, because he needs to move on and develop his own life. We all have to. He can't do that living at home with a younger brother and very much younger sister.I just hope that he is successful in what he wants to do.

Fraser is now 15 and in 4th year at school. It doesn't feel that long ago that he was leaving Primary school!He is sitting his Standard Grades this year and if he carries on the way he has for the last 3 years then I've no doubt he will do very,very well. He has so many talents and able to do so many different things. He will sit his Grade 6 Cello and his Grade 6 Piano this year as well. That is not bad for a person who is not always the most willing of practioners!!
If time flies as quickly as it has been then it won't be long before he shoots the craw as well! I don' t know what he will do for a living but whatever it is I am sure it will be a success.

Then there is Kate! What can I say? She is the surprise. The one that nobody expected. She is also the most incredible little girl. She is now 3 years old and has really turned our lives upside down. Have we ever regretted it? Not for a moment! Kate has completed our family and more than any of us could have imagined. The most amazing thing is she is not just a combination of Caroline and myself but a mixture of us all. It is fascinating to see and watch this little person develop all the different influences from myself, Caroline, Adam and Fraser. The good thing is that she seems to have picked all the good traits (except for nail-biting!) of us all and what a lovely person that is!

Here they all are together (including Gar)! When I look at them I realise just what a lucky person I am to have my clever, good-looking and talented family!!


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