Exam Time

It is that time of the year once more! I remember the dread I use to feel when May/June came about. The weather was always hot and I would be stuck in some sweaty, nervous driven hall waiting, with my stomach churning, on a paper that could decide my future.

Thank God I don't have to do that now. That was 33 years ago. Now is the turn of my eldest son, Adam. English, Maths, Modern Studies, Biology and Chemistry. 5 exams to decide his future. Or does it? I was lucky in that I was already accepted for Music College and knew what I wanted to do. I still felt under pressure to do well in my exams but it wasn't vital that I did (which is just as well!).

Adam wants to do medicine and needs very good grades to get into Medical School because just about everyone wants to do medicine. The added pressure is that he needs them now in his 5th Year. 6th Year is just for topping up. Is this pressure fair? Is it fair on any of us in the family who have to watch Adam move around like man waiting for the gallows? He has tried to put a brave face on it but not sleeping is a dead giveaway everytime. I KNOW he's been shitting himself.

Maybe it's good to come under that pressure at a young age, if for nothing else, to see if he can handle it. I still don't believe, however, that no matter what he gets at the result time, it will be the end of the beginning. He could still do medicine if the grades aren't what he wants, it might just take a bit longer. But I have no doubt that whatever he gets he will do something worthwhile that will eventually give him satisfaction and a good life. How do I know this? He's my SON!!


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