Quite a while but two occasions sticks out!

It's been quite sometime since I posted here last and so much has happened over the last few months I don't know where to start. Friends have died and babies have been born. Disasters have happened and miracles have occured. Too much really to try and catch up in this post and when I think of it, the extraordinary events of the last few months are not that extraordinary but are rather common events that happen most years but they still make the news and still reinforce in me that I am but one small cog in this giant wheel called life. I matter and would be missed if I wasn't there but my influence on the big picture is so infinitesimal that all I can try and manage is my own life.

There are two things that stick out for me over the last few months. One is Kate's 2nd birthday on August 14th and the family holiday in Tuscany. Two wonderful occasions that I will treasure.

Kate looking gorgeous on her second birthday

Kate making her birthday wishes!

The holiday in Tuscany was quite an adventure mostly because of the dynamics of the family. Having two teenage sons at 16 and 14 plus a little girl aged 2 makes for interesting, not to say imaginative holidays. It was a great success though and I'm proud of all of us in the way we could give and take in order that everyone got something from the holiday.

View from the house in Metra di Carpinelli

The family outside the Duomo in Barga


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