Well traffic this morning was not as bad as I thought it would be considering they have closed a main access road to the Kingston Bridge. Closed for eleven months seems a bit excessive but never mind. Teaching today was ok but Bannerman is a waste of time. The two girls in Swinton are pretty clueless and I'm wondering "can I keep this up?"
Sangita was looking well today despite the bad news of her MS. Quite devastating to be given such news especially having such a young baby and herself being so young. The new cello I let her try was far superior to the one she hired and it really angers me that Biggars can charge rental on such a piece of crap. I'll have to see if Bob can do anything with it! Burn it maybe!! Got a group meeting tonight but I won't be volunteering for any duties this month as both Caroline and myself are just too busy. Maybe next month. Have to stop and feed my face, I'm starving!!


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